Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Project

I decided this weekend that my cupboard handles needed sprucing up. Two years ago when we salvaged these cabinets, they were shiny brass and I painted them platinum. They've held up well, but were starting to show some wear. And I really wanted black now. So out came the screw gun and all 27 handles (2 screws each) came off and were lined up for painting.

Ready - set - paint!

A shiny coat of black spray paint - tops, then turn so one side gets it, then turn again for the other side.

And then getting them all screwed back on!

Finished - for now. Still don't know what to
do with the floor - any ideas? I've thought about painting it - it's linoleum. That way I could "try out" some different looks before we spend the big bucks! I'm flipping between a slate look, wood floors, tile, etc.
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  1. WOW! That's a small thing, but what a big dramatic change. I really like the black!

  2. Hi Ester,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I know what you mean about technically savvy....It's been trial and error with me on my blog. Enjoyed your blog and love your kitchen cabinets. I'm getting ready to paint mine white.


    P.S. Enjoy your twin grandsons......I sure do mine! Being a "Grandma is AWESOME.

  3. Hi, those handles look great!

    The easiest way to copy a photo from my blog is to right click over the photo you want, choose "save picture as...." and save it to somewhere on your computer. Then upload it to your blog like you would any photo.

  4. very small change, but wow! it looks great! Handles cost so much money!
    way to go!

  5. I wish I could find a ton of cute handles like that for a small price. Very nice look!