Saturday, June 19, 2010

There is Nothing New under the Sun

One nice day in March, I was headed out on some errands and saw that wonderful sight - Yard Sale! I immediately braked and followed the signs! And here's what I found:

two child-size Pottery Barn chairs - perfect shape - $10.00 each. I happened to have a $20.00 bill in my purse, so I snatched them up and took them home. That is usually more than I spend - even on big people chairs, but I had been looking for sturdy, little wooden chairs for some time and these needed NO WORK!
Immediately my head started seeing a cute little table to go with those chairs - painted white with a chalkboard top. Of course, I'd never seen a chalkboard top and was quite proud of myself for thinking up something "new". So I started the search - and it was not until about 5 weeks later that I found the table. I promptly brought it home (Salvation Army store - $12.50) and set it aside knowing I wouldn't have time to work on it for several weeks.

The little cuties I was making it for were coming to stay for 6 days! This Grandma would get no painting done!

When I was cruising some blogs that evening, what should I see, but Centsational Girl's table and chair set with CHALKBOARD top! Hmmm, I guess I didn't think of something "new".
Anyway, mine is now done and here she is in all her glory!

Of course, I forgot to take before pictures, and during pictures, but it was just a cute little brown table (boys are sitting at it in picture above) and I did the usual sand, prime, paint, add chalkboard paint to top). I even sanded down the legs a bit so they'd show some wear and "match" the Pottery Barn chairs.

Now I can't wait for the little cuties to come back and stay for awhile so they can draw me some pictures!!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Porch Chairs

I love these chairs that I found at Goodwill this weekend!
Old fashioned charm, but sturdy!
Let's hope the neighborhood cats don't like them!!
Now, should I leave them as is, stain the wood darker, paint the wood?

So comfie!