Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Porch Chairs

I love these chairs that I found at Goodwill this weekend!
Old fashioned charm, but sturdy!
Let's hope the neighborhood cats don't like them!!
Now, should I leave them as is, stain the wood darker, paint the wood?

So comfie!


  1. The chairs are awesome! I would leave as is (but I hate painting/staining!) They look great just as they are. I love the pillows too!

  2. I agree with Janna, keep them as is. Looks nice, it will be inviting for all the fam over the 4th.

  3. LOVE THESE!!! Looking for a bargain like this for our future porch!

  4. You have a great pair of Modern Danish chairs. I would venture to say the wood may be Teak. A 3-season rocker set for sure. The seat is a Danish Cord. In most cases, the cord is twisted paper, so place the chairs in a protected area of the porch. Rain and dampness will deteriorate the cording.

    Congratulations on a great find.