Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Storage, storage . . .

We have a "grandkid" room in our house. It's the room where the grandkids have always slept when they come to visit. But I have decided that I need to have more room in there for play/exercise, etc, so I got rid of the two twin beds and am going to a daybed with a trundle. I have always stored several suitcases full of pictures, art, frames, etc. under the beds and I have now lost that storage. So here is the new plan.

Suitcases are stacked under the window seat in the owl window on the stair landing. I want to make some cute luggage tags so each suitcase will be labeled as to what is in it. (Instead of the little red dot).

I need to get one more black suitcase (18"-24") and make new handles for some of my suitcases. I will be looking for narrow belts on my next "trash to treasure" shopping expedition.

In the grandkids' room, this stack of suitcases will become an end table beside the daybed. I'd like to get one more suitcase to put on top of this stack too so the stack reaches the bottom of the window.

Can't wait to get shopping - and get this room finished up!

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