Saturday, May 1, 2010

When I started this blog so long ago, it was a "decorating" blog. It was helpful to me - gave me motivation to not only start the projects that were in my head, but to finish them as well. It worked well for that. But as time went on, I found that trying to take all those pictures from start to finish, etc. was hard for me. I would get going on a project and just forget to take them!

Anyway, I have decided to change this blog to more of a "decorating/family" blog. I love to do projects - take something old and re-make it into what I want. I love to paint and change the look of things, so that will always be a big part of my blog. But there may not be as many pictures of each step! And there will be more "family" things, because that seems to be how we stay connected these days and then I will have a "diary" to look back on and remember what happened (you know, for when I get old).

So, hopefully, a little later, I will get some pictures posted of our Georgia trip - after all, it is inspiring to visit Georgia! (As the picture at the top shows)

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