Saturday, May 1, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!88 years ago today my mother was born. Almost 8 years ago, she went home to be with her Savior. I still miss her!

She was an example of what a Godly wife and mother should be. She loved us unconditionally and was patient and kind.

She taught me to make do with what I had and to LOVE it!! She was creative and content!

She was full of fun and could laugh at herself!

There are so many things I wish I could share with her - my daughters' weddings, the birth of the twins, our "new" old home, my son's marriage, the growth of the two grandchildren she did meet - not to mention all that has happened in my siblings' families!!

I picture her in heaven, looking down and smiling at us. I hope she is pleased with all of us!

I love you and miss you, Mom!

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  1. sniff! I remember her and my mother talking comparing how old they were when they got married and had children.