Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Perfect Chair for roughly 20 bucks.

My daughter, Janna, and her husband and twin babies live in an urban cottage built in 1924 that she has named Knottliten Cottage (Knottliten meaning very tiny). Their living room is especially narrow and as such, their large brown recliner never really fit well. They moved the large brown recliner downstairs to the playroom and found a smaller, attractive chair at IKEA -

IKEA Tullsta Chair

The chair is white and the slip cover is cream, gray or red plaid, none of which worked for her living room, so she decided not to purchase it and keep looking. It just so happened that I had an extra IKEA Tullsta chair in my house, because I had bought two new ones from IKEA (the cream slip covers worked for me) and a few weeks later found the same chair and slipcover at a garage sale for $5. I didn't know Janna was looking at this same chair at the time. When she told me she wanted that chair, except for the color, I decided to try using dye on the slip cover. It took five packs of dye (~15.00) in my washing machine with the slip cover and small pillow, but it turned out great. The color matches her living room and she found an adorable round footstool at Home Goods for $30 to go with the chair. Because it was a used chair it already has more of a shabby, comfy look to it, which fits their cottage perfectly.

The chair in Knottliten Cottage.

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  1. That turned out lovely. I could see myself curled up there with a book and a cuppa.

  2. I'd never have thought to attempt my own dye job on these slipcovers. Great idea!!

  3. You've totally inspired me, Esther! I was going to buy new curtains, but I think I'll attempt to dye the ones I have first. Can you share what brand of dye you used?

  4. Looks great! I'm thinking of dyeing the Tullsta chair myself. What brand of dye did you use? Also, did you dye it in hot or cold water? Would love to know...thanks!