Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Supper Club

Eighteen months ago today my daughter gave birth to identical twin boys. (7 lbs 15 oz and 7 lbs 2 oz). I cannot even tell you how excited we were to hold those little fellas!! For the first month of their lives, I had the privilege of driving the hour to their house every Sunday evening and staying until Tuesday evening when I headed home and the other grandma headed to them. Then on Thursday evening, we switched places and I went up again and stayed until Friday evening. We let the little family fend for themselves on the weekend because Daddy was home.

One Tuesday as I was heading home, my husband called and said, "Jan and Sherm want to know if we want to go out to dinner. She's been babysitting grand kids all day and she's too tired to cook. Do you want to go?" Did I want to go?!?!? Helping with newborn twins is exhausting (although fabulously fun) work!! I too was too tired to cook! And so began "The Supper Club". We decided that since I would be doing this for awhile and she babysat on Tuesdays, we should make it a weekly thing. Now a lot has changed in those 18 months - those babies have grown,

until they are half as tall as me! They can walk, run, jump, climb and keep a Grandma hopping!

My dear friend has gone through breast cancer and sometimes that meant supper was brought to their house and we ate together. But we have missed very few weeks (only when one or the other of us has been traveling!) And now we have added more people so that we have eight in our group. We take turns choosing where to eat and try to be adventurous and try new places!
. . . hmmm, something very important is being discussed. . .

Between the eight of us we've had lots of loss, sadness, joy, and sharing! And that's what friends are for! What would we do without them?

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