Monday, September 21, 2009

The Kitchen

When we moved into the Enchanted Bungalow six years ago, the kitchen was, ummm "charming", but not really useable. I do not have pictures of what it looked like then, but here it is after I added some color to the cabinets. You will notice the drawers are stuck out - they really didn't work and we could never get them totally shut. After a bit, I added the painted blue and yellow checkered backsplash. We used it that way for four years and then our friends told us their neighbors were going to remodel their kitchen and planned on taking a sledge hammer to their cabinets. EEEEKKK! Those were solid wood - sure the finish was worn and they had a definite 70s feel, but the shelves pulled out and they were solid!! We could have them for FREE if we could get them out of there within two weeks. We gathered our work force (friends are what makes the world go round!) and took them out and to our house in one day. It took us one whole month to dismantle our kitchen and put it back together.

It was amazing how the "new" cabinets fit into our floor plan and how good they looked with a coat (okay - three coats) of white paint on them. Our plan was to get new cabinet doors for them so they would go with our house, but it's been two years and that hasn't happened yet.

We kept the faux brick because we liked it and we kept the upper cabinets. When we moved in there were open shelves on one wall which I liked. However, we found the doors in our basement and I had my clever mister cut out the center panels and we replaced them with glass so that I wouldn't have to dust so much! (I'm a tiny bit lazy when it comes to dusting). The tiles for the backsplash are left overs from a project my husband did for some friends.

Ahhhh - a dishwasher!!

Yes, that is a kitty door you see on the right hand side of the picture. Before we remodeled, that was a big door that opened to a hole so you could throw your tea towels down to the laundry in the basement. I told my husband I would miss that part when we took out the door and drywalled it in. So he, being the clever man that he is, put in this kitty door so I could still throw my towels down to the laundry! So convenient!

Oops - you can see my peach cobbler cooling on the red cart - mmmmm it was delicious!

We are not totally done - we're still trying to decide what to do with the floor and I am constantly changing the counter "decor", but I love it every morning when I go in there!


  1. The black and white cabinets are just lovely. A big improvement on the old. What a lucky score.

  2. Wow. I was really afraid I was going to scroll down and find that you'd removed those awesome upper cabs and their cute display shelves. So glad to see they are still there -- and those doors with the glass panels on them look excellent!