Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cubicle Land

I work for the State Department of Education. You know what that means - a small cubicle with a jillion restrictions on what you can and cannot do to it. When I started four and a half years ago, I was with the Pupil Transportation Department. You know - processing the criminal histories of school bus drivers (and school volunteers - very interesting job), helping set up trainings for drivers and in general helping to make sure our students are safely transported to and from school. That lent itself to some interesting cube decor ~

I got the scrap book paper at one of our Big Lots when they were going out of business. It was 50c a package, so it cost me less than a dollar to "wallpaper" one of my walls. I started collecting school buses from second hand stores, garage sales, etc.

They made for some interesting additions (and so did those grandkid pictures!)

They became plant holders too!

And look at that view - I actually had a window seat!

About a year and a half ago, I transfered out of Pupil Transportation and into Human Resources. Now I do love this job, but the cube that came with it left a little to be desired!

Thinking that perhaps I'd better "grow up" my decor, I went to our Big Lots that was still open and got a couple rolls of shelf paper (1.00 per roll). I then got out the trusty T-pins and started "wallpapering"

Amazing what a little color and organization do for a cube. This cube is much smaller than my last one and has a big post in the middle.
I kept a few of my favorite pieces from my animal/bus theme just for fun.

Then I threw in a little "Fall".

With my snack box, and my cup of tea -- I'm all set!

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  1. And a super fancy dymo labeler!! So lucky! Way to dress up a cube.